Quality Course

For quality courses, it would be individual tuition. Our school offers top-level teaching equipments and excellent teachers, musicians, artists etc. From our experience and rules of music and art education, for specialized courses of music and art we would insist one-to-one lesson rather than group lesson. It is just because we value our teaching quality higher than commercial interest. What we mean specialized courses of music and art are piano, vocal, compositions, calligraphy and dancing.

Group course of 3-5 people

We would form groups of 3-5 people according to his age and interest, and design the best way to teach them. The idea of designing targeted courses for different study groups is to improve the ability of our students, to inspire them better in musical literacy, to enhance their learning interest, to feel music and art deep in their mind and to bring them pleasure. In addition, many courses are more suitable of collective teaching, such as spectrum, singing, rhythm training, choir, poetry, group dance, which could produce a more efficient result.




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