It seems to be the condensation of tears. - Jacqueline Doupley

Cello, known for its warm and rich sound, is one of the most common instruments in symphony orchestras and is the mainstay of the bass part, with a wide range of sounds, not only capable of a much louder sound than a viola but also a radiant treble. Otherwise her voice is so gentle, beautiful, so emotional, her figure is so gorgeous, noble and elegant, known as the musical instrument in the United States called the man. It is a popular solo instrument. As a solo instrument, it ranks second only to the piano and violin. That's why we love it.

The following cello music courses are offered by Music Division of Acht Töne:

The private one-to-one cello training course is arranged for student of all ages and all different expectations. With specially selected learning materials, customized study plans, the course guarantees an efficient progress and helps students reach the objective levels.

Profile of our cello teacher:

HSIANG-I, YANGcellist, teacher of cello

HSIANG-I, YANG, cellist, teacher of cello

She has been learning cello since an early age. With her talent and perseverance, she graduated from the Xinzhuang High School Music Class in Kaohsiung City and successfully entered the Orchestra as the chief cello in 1996. During the concert, she won the first place in the middle school Cello Solo group of Kaohsiung County Music Competition. She was then admitted to the National Taichung University of Education Department of music, and won many awards, such as the champion of university cello group of Taichung City Music Competition. In 2008 she received the position as official delegation member of National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Youth Orchestra. From it she participated in the masterclass for many times, such as Reiner Ginzel, Marcin Sieniawski, Ouyang Lingyi. She came to Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main in 2011. Guided by professors Susanne Müller-Hornbach and Sabine Krams, she studied the Master degree of Cello performance. During her study, she joined the tour with the Orchestra of the Frankfurt Philharmonic Chamber. After her graduation, she continue to study the master degree of cello education.

During this period she has a lot of teaching experience and is currently a cello teacher of Musikschule Bad Vilbelr. Since 2017, she has been a teacher of cello at Acht-Töne International School of Music and Arts.


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