When I began, the guitar was en-closed in a vicious circle. There were no composers writing for the guitar, be-cause there were no virtuoso guitarists. - Andrés Segovia

Classical guitar represents the continued development of music art, as one of three major classical musical instruments in the world guitar has inherited and developed the heritage of music and arts. Its delicate and changing tone, rich harmony, multiphonic ability is absolute perfect to fit different styles of music of different periods. Classical guitars are the most artistic value of the "guitar family," and the lofty artistic status of "guitars" was acquired only by the development of classical guitars.

The following guitar music courses are offered by Music Division of Acht Töne:

The private one-to-one classical guitar (Spanish guitar) training course is arranged for student of all ages and all different expectations. We would focus on classical songs and guitar with nylon string, which has a soft and elegant sound. With specially selected learning materials, customized study plans, the course guarantees an efficient progress and helps students reach the objective levels.

Folk Guitar 1 to 1 quality course (Children / Adults) and Group course are designed for accompaniment or solo singing. They can be played with fingers or picks (pip) with steel string. It is mainly for entertaining purpose with its beautiful bright sound.

Flamenco Guitar 1 to 1 quality course (Children / Adults) & group course would introduce our students into the world of flamenco, learning playing skills of flamenco accompaniment guitars. They would get to know it more, its knowledge and its change, trying to understand this art originated in Andalusia region.

Profile of our guitar teacher:

Hyoyong Bang
Hyoyong Bang teacher of guitar

Hyoyong Bang, teacher of guitar

From 1991-1997, he has been studying guitar at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main in Frankfurt, Germany. Prof. Michel Teuchert and Prof. Olaf van Gonnissen had guided him fro the Diploma in Guitar Performance. And he received a scholarship from the Kammermusik und zur Föderungjunger Musiker Association. During his study, he recorded multiple CDs and attended concerts, solo concerts and music festivals,such as Myungji Konsevatorium Professor Konzert (Seoul Korea), Konzert Gwanggyo Kulturtag (Suwon Korea), Konzertin Altenheim Schwalbach (Frankfurt Deutschland), Duo Konzert in Berlin (Kirch zum guten Hirten) and so on.

He has plenty teaching experience and has been teaching guitar teachers in high schools, universities, professional colleges, music schools and art schools since 1994, such as Volkshochschule Egelsbach Deutschland, Musikschule in der Volkshochschule Dietzenbach eV Deutschland, Musikgymnasium Kyewon in Seongnam Korea, Universität Paichai in Taejeon Korea, Universität Nazaret in Cheonan Korea, Staatliche Universität Wonju in Korea, Universität Jungbu in Taejeon Korea, Universität für Baptist Theologie Korea, Hochschule für Musik Myeongji in Seoul Korea, Musik Konservatorium Myeongji in Seoul Korea. Since 1998, he has founded his own Hyoyong Bang Guitar School, andSince 2017, he has been a teacher of guitar at Acht-Töne International School of Music and Arts.

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