No matter poems, music or paintings, just like throwing a stone in a lake, you would always see how it changes.
-Zhimo Xu

Characterized carving art is originally from the fruit carving in the Thai royal cuisine. It is designed to make the cuisine look more attracting with carved fruit and vegetables. And in our daily life, with only a few cut we could turn carrot in to rose, which would definitely turn our normal cooking into elegant cuisne. And our normal life would be much more interesting with the help of the lovely deco, like soap or candle.

The following carving courses are offered by Acht Töne:

Carving is a group course with 3-5 people, which allow the students to observe food such as fruits and vegetables, and incense products such as soap or candles, and to carve them into different styles and cultivate their creativity and imagination. We are to attract those who do not like to eat a certain kind of fruits and vegetables get used to them, and even solve the problem of picky eaters. Handmade soap or candle carved can not only purify the air, but also be used as indoor decoration, which would be absolutely a highlight in your home.

Profile of our carving teacher

Jackie Chang Liu
Jackie Chang Liu teacher of carving

Jackie Chang Liu, teacher of carving

Jackie, German-born Chinese, a German TV talent show performer. Humorous and funny, that's his class style, along with incredible music performance and countless laughs. This inspires the student a famous quote about Jackie's teacher, "Jackie, was ich heute erlebt habe, werde ich meine ganzen Leben nicht vergessen, du bist unglaublich Super! Wir sind alle deine Schülerinnen."

Now he is a performer at European Globe. In 2017, he has been the teacher of carvings at Acht-Töne International School Music and Art.

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