The moonlight in the pond is not uniform, but light and shadow have a harmonious melody, such as the famous song played by Vatican. - Zhu Ziqing

The violin was made in Italy in the 16th century. It has been widely spread all over the world, and also regarded as one of the the most important instruments in modern orchestra. It is the most powerful instrument in modern string instruments, whose main characteristic lies in her splendid sound, high-level playing skills and rich expression. Also it is known as the Queen of the instrument. Along with the piano, classical guitar are known as the world's three major musical instruments.

The following violin music courses are offered by Music Division of Acht Töne:

The private one-to-one violin training course is arranged for student of all ages and all different expectations. With specially selected learning materials, customized study plans, the course guarantees an efficient progress and helps students reach the objective levels.

The course of music theory and solfeggio aims at developing our students' ability to read and write western music scores so that they could understand better. We help them analyzing and appreciating Western music and harmonic music. Let students have a fixed pitch of the hearing sense and pleasure with music.

Profile of our violin teacher:

Jinhee Park
Jinhee Parkteaher of violin

Jinhee Park, teaher of violin

She started to learn violin at an early age. In 2004, she participated in the "Farewell Concert" concert by Philippine Suzuki as a violinist. In 2005, she played violin solos at the International Concert Opening Ceremony in Taiwan. In 2008, she went to Hochschule für Künste Bremen, University of Bremen, Germany to improve her violin performance from the famous professor Katrin Scholz. She participated in several master classes, held solo concerts, ensembles and chamber music concerts. Such as concerts of solo violins in the summer concert 2016 Sommerkonzert in Norden mit "Soli de Gloria", concert in Seoul Night Violin Solo Performance. She has been a violinist for the Landesjungendorchester Bremen since 2009, violinist for the Nordwest Classical Philharmonic in 2013 and the Kammerensemble Konsonanz, violinist for the Chamber Orchestra in 2015.

She is currently a violin teacher at Suzuki Association Music Camp and Musikschule Rothaus. Since 2017, she has been a teacher of violin at Acht-Töne International School of Music and Arts.


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