The melody resounded in heart though it had been far away.-Liezi, Tangwen

Vocal music turns short words into long-lasting music. Vocal music consists of child’s voice, popular music, folk music and bel canto, etc. The points of vocal music education are not only to trigger the artistic potential for the vocal organs of the learners, but also to interpret the essential beauty of the lyrics and improve students‘ feeling of singing. Acht Töne offers various vocal music courses.

The following vocal music courses are offered by Music Division of Acht Töne:

The one-to-one vocal music course aim for students, who needs to receive a comprehensive singing training, including volume, posture, ryhthm, etc. Practically, it is aimed at cultivating outstanding singers and facilitate their entrance into art colleges. Students of all ages are welcomed in this course.

Semi chorus course is given in a small class of 2~5 students, which starts from solo singing training, then duet training and eventually semi chorus training. The focal points of this course are as follows, such as cooperative sense, volume identification, fast reading of printed music and breath control etc. The combination of volume speakers usage, breath control and team cooperation provides a huge potential for artistic expression. The teaching environment is designed to be harmonious, warm, satisfying for students. With this course, students could enjoy and learn singing songs, appreciating the charm of music art.

Profile of our vocal teacher:

Lu Ye, Soprano, teacher of vocal
Lu Ye, Soprano, teacher of vocalprofessional dancer, dancing teacher

Lu Ye, Soprano, teacher of vocal

In her childhood she has shown her talent in vocal art. When she was still in kindergarten, she started to sing as soloist and be a small host speech. In 2007, Professor Rong Shijie, the director of the faculty at the China Conservatory of Music, started to lead her through the path of her professional study. During her study, she gave performance as state delegation. She acted as lead singer and soloist at the National Opera House and Zhongshan Concert Hall. At her 17 she won the most potential award of Moscow International Vocal Award. In 2012, she graduated from the Affliated High School of China Conservatory of Music with merit. In 2013, she came to Germany and entered Universität für Künste Berlin, one of the top five institutions in the world. Shee studied opera performance at the university and trained by the famous Italien singing educator Enrico Facini. She has held a number of solo concerts and chamber music concerts. When she works as vocal music teacher and counseling teacher for music school exam, she conducted a professional, targeted counseling to many exam candidates. Also she plays an important role as planner and host in many major events. Since 2017, she has been the teacher of vocal music and vocality art at Acht-töne International School of Music and Arts.

Hanqi Jiao
Hanqi JiaoMale soprano, teacher of vocal

Hanqi Jiao, Male soprano, teacher of vocal

Since childhood he has showed his passion in vocal music. At the age of 12 he won the first prize of the National Children's Voice Award. In 2010, he studied with the guidance of Professor Rong Shijie, faculty director of affiliated high school of China Conservatory of Music. He graduated with honors from the affliated high school of China Conservatory of Music in 2013. He was then admitted to the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main in 2013 as a student of opera performance. He was trained bz the famous singing educator, Professor Berthold Possenmeyer and Professor Thilo Dahlmann. In 2016 he acted as one of Four Cronies in Paulper's Opera at Frankfurt Oper. He acted as the leading actor in Le Nozze di Figaro at Bad Vibel in 2017. Since 2017, he has been a teacher of vocal at Acht-Töne International School of Music and Arts.

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